I’ve spent almost two decades working with photographers,  designers, and creative freelancers just like you and here’s what I know:

Mastering your craft and mastering your business are not the same thing

Creative people need unique coaching, plans, and strategies to be successful

You can stay true to your craft and find fulfillment, freedom, and financial success

Most creatives have the same five challenges that stop them from living their dreams

I understand

what it’s like to feel isolated and be the ‘solo’ in solopreneur.  I know the struggle to overcome imposter syndrome and sort through all the business stuff.

I believe

in supporting creative entrepreneurs to bring their self-expression, ideas, and innovation to the marketplace and I believe they can thrive while doing it.

I love

using my amazing energy and word wizard super powers to help others feel more optimistic, confident, and successful in their lives and businesses. 

  • I am a stand for positivity, growth mindset, and possibilities.
  • I love big words, efficient solutions, and the celebration and acknowledgment of others.
  • I am committed to inspiration AND implementation.
  • My coaching superpowers are laser listening, radical reframing, and quality questioning.

Aura McKay, MPA

So who am I?

I am an enthusiastic, get right-to-the-heart of the matter coach helping photographers, designers, and other creative freelancers  figure out how to make more money, work less hours, and feel confident achieving their dreams.

I love working with passionate, creative service-based freelancers to take them from feeling stuck, overwhelmed, or plateaued to confidently growing their business and enjoying life.

Using a blend of transformational mindset tools and real world (modern) business strategies, I bring decades of personal entrepreneurial experience as an award winning photographer, an education in traditional marketing and business strategies, and dozens of coaching success stories to every interaction.

“Learn the rules like a pro so you can break them like an artist” – Picasso


I have over 20 years of  personal experience with all the challenges of building a thriving freelance business in a rapidly changing economy and all the ups and downs of doubt, overwhelm, failure and excitement along the way.

For almost two decades I was a professional photographer, photography business instructor, and international photo tour leader. That’s how I got the letters after my name – I have my Masters of Photographic Arts from the Professional Photographers of Canada, was one of nine Canadians awarded international certification, and have won several awards.

But I retired my business when I recognized that I could have an even bigger impact by helping other creatives be successful too.

My background in Financial Management and Marketing Communications has helped me recognize that traditional ways of doing business aren’t flexible enough or as helpful as having a simple, clear vision and specific next steps.

I work with my own coaches, participate in mastermind groups, and have invested thousands of hours in courses, seminars, webinars, and books. Most importantly, I’ve done the work.

I can help you get the clarity and focus you want, find clients you love, live a balanced life, make more money, and finally banish imposter syndrome in all areas of your business.

My program includes modalities and distinctions from positive psychology, cognitive neuroscience, and my own customized tools and systems to help creative, passionate people live their dreams.

It is this balance of practical knowledge and real world personal experience that my clients love the most. Well…that and my positivity and genuine enthusiasm to see them succeed.

I’m proud of the life I’ve created for myself and the dreams I’ve helped make real.